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"Jonathan raised his income as a staff nurse from £15,000 annually, to as high as
£20,000 a week within the space of three years, with no business background whatsoever"
Hello, and welcome to Ikana Training.
For years now, I have been showing people, like yourself how to make money from home.
As a thank you for visiting my website, I would like to give you 2 free gifts.
Just click on each of the headings below to download your 2 free gifts.
My two free gifts are;
                                                    1st Free Gift
                                     "The Perfect Home Business Book"

                                                    2nd Free Gift
                             "The Perfect Home Business Workbook"
These two free downloads will show you how to operate a simple and profitable business from home with very little outlay. This is a business I successfully operated when I was training as a staff nurse. So please, download these two free gifts and have a look, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but may have plenty to gain.
                                                                            The 5 bedroom home I bought in Florida

One of my dreams was to have my own home in Florida, this 5 bedroom home was a dream come true. People use to laugh when I said that one day I would buy a home in Florida. But I did!!!                        

"Have you ever considered making money from home by providing your customers with an INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE!"
Your customers will pay up to £25.00 for this much sought after relaxing massage. For only £14.99 you will have access to three Massage Training videos AND you can download a Certificate of Achievement to display with pride!
1. Full Body Massage
2. Indian Head Massage
3. Luxury Facial Massage

Full Body Massage , which you can download for free , you do not even have to enroll.  


Indian Head Massage

Luxury Facial Massage

Please visit  www.coursecraft.net/c/learnmassage and download your FREE Full Body Massage Training video.

Become a "Past Life Regression Practitioner"
You can learn this amazing skill in the comfort of your own home, the course comprises of 8 lessons, each with a pdf downloadable script and downloadable audio. Past Life Regression is a much sought after skill and with practice you will find that you will become a competent practitioner. This amazing course is only £37.00. For full details please visit;

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